The Cares after Refined TransPRK Surgery?

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Refined TransPRK Surgery

Refined TransPRK is a modified TransPRK method, which is the latest surgical technique to eliminate refractive errors using laser. Refined TransPRK was first performed in Iran by Dr Adib Moghaddam. Based on the latest research and scientific findings in Refined TransPRK method, for treating each patient based on its demographic characteristics (such as age and gender) and the optic characteristics of the patient’s eyes (such as refractive errors, refractive errors, corneal thickness, and other cases) Treatment is designed for each patient. As a result, the conditions of operation are completely in line with the patient’s condition and cause the quality of vision in the patient after surgery to increase significantly compared with other methods.

Cares after Refined TransPRK Surgery

After Refined TransPRK Surgery, you need to take the necessary care according to your doctor’s instructions, in order to increase the speed of recovery, in addition to improving the speed of recovery. In the following, we will look at the care that the patient needs to do after the Refined TransPRK Surgery.

  • You will probably feel tired after doing the exercise, then rest completely in the first day.
  • Doctors recommend that you rest for up to four days after the Refined TransPRK surgery and minimize the use of mobile phones, computers and laptops.
  • Avoid reading for four to five days.
  • Follow the medical procedure fully. This diet, known as the Iranian diet, is set up by Dr. Adib Moghaddam. This diet improves the process of corneal repair and prevents astigmatism and regression. In addition, patients will have significantly less pain after Refined TransPRK surgery.
  • After the procedure, the contact lens is placed on the patient’s eyes for dressing for 3 days. This contact lens is essential for improving the patient’s recovery process. If a contact lens is left out of your eyes, do not reinsert it, as it may lead to infection and go to your doctor’s office as soon as possible.
  • As long as the lens is in your eyes, you should not get water into the eye, so you can use swimming goggles while bathing.
  • Antibiotic drops are prescribed before removing the lens. Use your doctor’s instructions.
  • If you feel itching in your eyes, inform your doctor in the next visit.
  • If your eyes get itchy, tell your ophthalmologist and prescribe a medication during your referral.
  • After taking the medicine, the doctor will give you a protective bag for eye protection. You should use this protective bag when sleeping for a week until the contact lenses of the dressing are in your eyes.
  • Do not take eye care seriously until the contact lens is in your eyes.
  • After the doctor has allowed you to make eye makeup, be sure to use new cosmetic products and put off the products you used before surgery.
  • For the first few days after surgery, sleeping in the dark room brings pain, burning and… to its lowest levels, thus analgesic and somnifacient will be prescribed for you.
  • Dry eye is less common in the Trans PRK method than other methods.
  • Use artificial tear drops, taking omega-3, drinking more water and… for reducing the eye dryness.
  • Avoid eating coffee and tea.

Normal things after Refined TransPRK

  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Tears of eyes
  • Vision blur in the first days after surgery
  • Reduced vision until 4 days after surgery
  • See the halo around the lights at night
  • Feeling burning, tearing or some pain in the eyes that can last for 5 to 7 days.
  • Having dry eyes for a few months after surgery, which can be used to solve the problem using artificial tears.


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