The Newest Eye Laser Technique

Refined TransPRK method is one of the newest refractive surgical techniques by laser, which, for the first time was used by Dr. Adib Moghaddam. He considers the features of each patient including demographic features (such as age, sex) and optical characteristics (such as refractive conditions, intensity of refractive conditions, thickness of cornea). This leads to a better result of the surgery. Also, Refined Trans PRK could improve the stabilization eye vision and success rate of surgery in the patients with hyperopia with astigmatism.


Dr. Adib Moghaddam has passed several courses relevant to new scientific methods of ophthalmology in US and Europe. Also he has passed some courses in “Refractive Surgery and Optics” with prof. Ioannis Pallikaris (The Father of LASIK).


Dr. Adib Moghaddam is working as the Key Opening Leader (KOL) of Bausch & Lomb Inc. and the Reference Doctor of Iranian SCHWIND. He also achieved brilliant results in a research project with Spain and Germany on the Trans-PRK patients.


Dr. Adib Moghaddam is a member of AAO, ESCRS, MEACO and IRSO. He performed the first Customized Trans-PRK, an advanced laser vision correction, using AMARIS platform in Iran.



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