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Advanced Keratoconus Treatment Options

Refined TransPRK is A new variant of TransPRK in which ablation is completely set individualized for patients’ demographic and optical parameters.

About Refined TransPRK

For laser ablation, first we use local anesthetic drops, and irrigate the eyes with balanced salt solution (BSS). We use no alcohol. The ablations are performed by excimer laser.

In our refined approach, we considere comprehensive demographic and optical characteristic of each patient to set the ablation profile. Age, keratometry, central corneal thickness, radius of corneal curvature are amongst the main parameters considered to adjust the target refraction and optical zone. After primary assessment with Orbscan, Scout Analyser is used to get detailed topographic data of the patients’ eye. Each single eye undergoes 8-10 consecutive scans. The surgeon choose the one with the highest precision to use for adjusting the ablation profile. Administration of the laser occurrs in a single continuous session to ablate both the epithelium and stroma in a single step.

Refined single step TransPRK results highlights

  1. Promising results in mild-moderate myopia with or without astigmatism
  2. Promising vector analysis results for correction of mixed myopic astigmatism
  3. Promising results in hyperopia with or without astigmatism.
  4. Supervision achievement (1 out of 3 eyes treated achieves UDVA ≥ 15/10)
  5. Efficacy and safety of refined TransPRK by AMARIS 500 laser in asymmetric astigmatism correction
  6. Efficacy and safety of refined TransPRK by AMARIS 500 laser in FFKC
  7. No need for Mitomycin C in mild-moderate myopia correction
  8. Better quantity and quality of vision by Refined single-step TransPRK compared to other laser-assisted modalities in correction of different refractive errors.

What does TransPRK provide us?

  • Correcting Myopia Astigmatism High myopia
  • Less PAIN
  • Less HAZE
  • Faster re-epithelialization
  • Easier to perform

What in advance does Refined TransPRK offer?

  • Less need for MMC
  • Improved CS
  • No HOA induction
  • SuperVISION
  • Correcting HYPEROPIA, Asymmetric astigmatism, FFKC, Better results for myopia, Better results for astigmatism

Compared to other modalities

  • All-laser assisted
  • Faster
  • Easier to perform than conventional PRK
  • Less pain, less discomfort
  • Less postoperative haze
  • A faster healing time
  • Comparable CDVA, UDVA, and safety outcomes between transepithelial PRK and alcohol-assisted PRK
  • Comparable refractive outcomes to LASIK and PRK
  • Faster Visual rehabilitation, re-epithelialization and less pain in the early postoperative period


  • Enhances subjective (questionnaire-based) and objective visual quality of patients with various refractive errors
  • Improve photopic and mesopic CS in myopic correction with or without astigmatism.
  • No clinically significant alterations of HOA


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